Wednesday 4th May 

  • Board meeting 14.00-16.00  
  • Executive Committee meeting 17.00-19.00        
  • Member Forum on Workforce Development from 17.00 to 19.00 
  • Member Forum on Early Childhood Intervention from 17.00 to 19.00 
  • Pre-registration for the Conference 

Thursday 5th May – 1st day Conference 

9h Welcoming Remarks Moderator: Maya Doneva, Secretary General, EASPD; Jim Crowe, President, EASPD; Josip Držaić, President, OSVIT (Croatia); Romana Galić, Representative of the City of Zagreb; Marin Piletić, Minister of Labour and Pension System, Family and Social Policy (Croatia). 
9h30 Future of the Right to Work: what impact for Persons with disabilities? What role for the Social Economy? Moderator: Maya Doneva, Secretary General, EASPD. Thomas Bignal, Head of Policy, EASPD. Damira Benc, Director of National Institute for Disability Certification, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities (Croatia).   
10h 1st panel: Interview session – Success Stories for Persons with Disabilities, Success Stories for the Social Economy Moderator: Maya Doneva – EASPD Secretary General (Belgium). Borislav Staykov, Documaster and Iva Tsolova, Jamba (Bulgaria). Damir Fatušić, editor in chief, In portal and Željka Šemper adviser to the director, Uriho (Croatia). Sharona Shlomi, employee, Israel Museum (Israel) and Oded Rahamim, chief security and contingency officer, Israel Museum (Israel). Kurt Vanhauwaert, employee and , managing director, Konekt (Belgium). 
11h30 Coffee break – 30 mins 
12h Workshops – New Skills for New Jobs.  Workshop 1 Vocational Rehabilitation – Let´s start working! – Two Examples of Vocational Rehabilitation • Mija Matic, Centre for Vocational Rehabilitation Zagreb (Croatia) • Ingrid Pammer, BBRZ (Austria) • Annemie Jennes, Katholiek Onderwijs (Belgium) Workshop 2: Skills for future of labour market  Ms Yael Weinstein, Ph. D, Head of R&D, Shekulo Tov group (Israel).  Ms. Dana Fuchs Arieli B.O.T, deputy director of supported employment, – Shekulo Tov group (Israel). Ms Clara Centeno, senior researcher, human capital and employment unit, Joint Research Centre. Workshop 3: How to create a future proofed job environment fit: a scientific instrument to measure “work values”.  Stef de Cock, Groep Maatwerk (Belgium). Arend Pieterse, CEDRIS (The Netherlands) Bruno Fermin, SBCM (The Netherlands). Workshop 4: Skills for the future: Work Integration Social Enterprises are ready!  Nóra Györke, EASPD (Belgium) Danijel Baturina, Zagreb University (Croatia) Melanie Schaur , JKU (Austria) Sophia Karagouni, Margarita (Greece) 
13h Lunch break – 1H30 
14h30 2nd Panel: Exploring Quality Jobs through the Social Economy Moderator: Fabrizio Fea, Co-Chair of the Member Forum on Employment, EASPD Introductory Statement by Jyrki Pinomaa, President, Inclusion Europe Discussion/Debate with  Alemka Lončar, Director of Integrative Workshop, Hedona (Croatia) Thomas Wedel, Managing Director, Boxdorfer Werkstätten (Germany) Marie Aude Torres Maguedano, Executive Director, Unapei, (France) Grete Wangen, EUSE, (Norway)   
16h End of Day 1 Conclusive Remarks  Fabrizio Fea, , Co-Chair of the Member Forum on Employment, EASPD 
16h30 – 18h30 Member Fora Member Forum on Education  Member Forum on Inclusive Living  Policy Impact Group 
19h30 Conference Dinner 

Friday 6th May – 2nd day Conference 

9h Opening Remarks – Day 2 Moderator: Maya Doneva, Secretary General, EASPD Ljubica Lukačić, Member of the Croatian Parliament (Croatia) Katarina Ivankovic Knezevic, Director for Social Affairs, European Commission (Belgium) 
9h30 3rd Panel: The Future of Work : what does it mean for persons with disabilities and for the Social Economy  Moderator: Fabrizio De Angelis, Policy Officer, EASPD (Belgium)  Presentation of International Labour Organisation & F. Once Joint Report by Sabina Lobato, Director of Traning and Employment, Fundación Once (Spain).   Discussion/debate with: Pat Clarke, Vice President, European Disability Forum Albin Falkmer, Director of governance and public affairs, Samhall (Sweden) Marc Subirón, Head Officer and Legal Adviser, European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises  Ivan Božić, Cooperative Manager, Humana Nova (Croatia)  
10h45 OUNUO (On cupid’s spoon competition followed by finger food during the coffee break). 
11h Coffee Break 
11h30 Workshops (1H30) – Fostering access to quality and sustainable jobs Workshop 5: Fostering innovation in employment.  1st project: E-portfolio Robbert Boonk, Director at PHH Academy, (The Netherlands) Fabrizio Fea, Director, Associazione Scuola Viva ONLUS (Italy) 2nd project: Customized Employment – Unique Solutions. Silvia Muñoz, Project Officer, Plena Inclusión (Spain) Workshop 6: Social Entrepreneurship as an Opportunity for Employment of PwD in Croatia. Dubravka Bihar, Head of Service for Controlling Quota Employment, ZOSI (Croatia) Martina Sajko Olovec, Head of Department of professional rehabilitation, Croatian Employment Service (Croatia) Branimir Šutalo, Senior Disability Advisor, Mayor Office of the City of Zagreb (Croatia) Teo Petričević, Director, Act Agrupa (Croatia) Marica Mirić, Vice president, the Croatian Union of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (Croatia) Mislav Tadić, Director, Integrative Workshop, MEWO (Croatia) Iva Šušak, social pedagogue, URIHO (Croatia) Workshop 7: Making the Most of Technology for Quality Jobs. Klaus Hoeckner, CEO, Austrian Association of Blind and Visually Impaired (Austria) Wilfried Kainz, Zero Project (Austria) Yousra Sandabad, Centre de la Gabrielle & Ateliers du Parc de Claye (France) Dr Emmanuel Fragnière, Professor of Service Design and Innovation and the director of the CAS HES-SO (Switzerland) Workshop 8: EASPD Project Development Café. ‘Moving forward with effective project design’. Timothy Ghilain, Head of Project Development, EASPD  Omor Ahmed, Project Development Officer, EASPD  James Churchill, Board Member, EASPD  
13h Lunch Break (1h) 
14h Policy Panel: What’s the Future of Employment via Social Economy? Moderator:  Thomas Bignal, Head of Policy, EASPD  Discussion/debate with: Katrin Langensiepen, Member of the European Parliament (Germany) Katarina Ivanković-Knežević, Director for Social Affairs, European Commission  Dragan Jelić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Family and Social Policy (Croatia). Pat Clarke, Vice President, European Disability Forum Maya Doneva, Secretary General EASPD (Belgium)  
15.00h Concluding Remarks- mic stand Filip Kozlica, Secretary General, OSVIT (Croatia) Javier Güemes Pedraza, Vice-President, EASPD  
15.15h End of Day 2 
16h – 18h Member Fora Member Forum on Arts and Culture  Member Forum on Employment  Member Forum on Person-Centered Technology  

Saturday 7th May 

  • General Assembly (9h30 to 13h)